Zoom Launches Expo for Zoom Events

By Earl Murtagh-Naughton – Head of Marketing & Brand Development, IMS

Zoom has launched a new feature for Zoom Events that give organisations loads more ways to engage with attendees at the their event. Zoom Events is an all-in-one platform for creating a wide range of interactive and immersive virtual events that engage audiences of any size. Expo, now available to Zoom Events licenses, is a 2D virtual space in which users can move around an avatar and interact with exhibitors, sponsors, or other users. It has a maximum of 1,000 attendees and allows users to signal that they’re open to networking. 

In October, Zoom announced the availability of Zoom Events Conference, which allows Zoom Events license holders to host their own multi-day and multi-session conferences. With the Conference event type, event planners and hosts have more ways to host impactful virtual experiences, manage large events and better engage attendees, Zoom says. Expo is designed to help event organisers drive greater engagement for their event attendees and sponsors. For sponsors, it can help them build lead generation. 

Users can interact with anyone, both parties have made themselves available to network, by sending a chat request. When ‘networking’ is on, a Chat button will appear in the user’s profile. Clicking the Chat button sends a chat request.

As a host, you can set up an Expo floor by using a template or designing a custom space by using a drag-and-drop tool to move booths around. Hosts can add over 100 booths to their Expo. Expo supports two types of booths – sponsored and non-sponsored. Each booth can be set-up with a series of Zoom Meetings, or Spaces, that attendees can join during the predetermined Expo hours. Sponsors can also attach collateral to their booths, such as videos and PDFs. 

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