#EmbraceEquity with IMS – International Women’s Day 2023

Equality. Equity. Diversity. Inclusion. Accessibility.

These are some words that come to mind when we think of International Women’s Day.

The terms might vary in meaning and sound, but each one echoes the same emotion. Every individual component has a unique role to play in the fight for women’s rights, and together, they form a robust and powerful framework for creating a more just and equitable world for all genders.

The overarching purpose of International Women’s Day is to honor women’s achievements, educate and raise awareness about gender equality, and promote positive change.

This year, we are putting a particular emphasis on equity as we strive to create a level playing field for women in all aspects of society.

Difference between equality and equity

At IMS, we firmly believe in prioritising people and fostering an inclusive work environment. We are committed to providing every member of our team with a fair and equal opportunity to succeed and thrive.

As we embark on this continuous journey, we strive to create a gender-balanced team where everyone feels empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. These are some of the positive steps we are already taking:

  • As an organisation, we have become more aware of how we can restructure our recruitment process to ensure that all roles are equally attractive to male, female, and non-binary candidates. As a result of this, we reduced the gender disparity within IMS from 17:1 (M/F) in March 2020 to 2.88:1 (M/F) in March 2023, and increased female representation through our Project Management, NOC Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Finance teams.
  • We are actively introducing a menopause equity policy within our HR Framework.
  • We have introduced a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion survey into the workplace to understand where we are at as an organisation and to help us proactively plan for a more equitable future.
  • We have a ‘work from anywhere’ policy, and flexible working approach, to support all our employees’ individual needs and preferred approach to working.

Embrace equity with IMS 

What does equity mean to our team, and how have we embraced equity? 

We are committed to fostering a workplace culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we are always looking for ways to improve and grow. Whilst we know we still have some way to go, we profoundly believe in, support, and value what it means to have a diverse, inclusive workforce.

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